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Fantazzi Jacuzzi

Since the early beginning, the Supreme name has been synonymous with quality and reliability. At Supreme, in-house design, engineering and manufacturing, allow complete control over the manufacturing process and provide the key to developing innovative products. Now, convert your new or existing bath into a luxury jacuzzi with Fantazzi Jacuzzi

Lie back in Fantazzi Jacuzzi and ease those aches and pains away. Relieve the stress of modern life. Or, just add to the pleasures of bathing. Fantazzi Jacuzzi comes equipped with the latest pneumatic controls. Select from varying degrees of power; from a gentle action(suitable also for babies) to the more vigorous pulsating massage to help tone up your muscles.

Hydromassage offers you not only relaxation - but real therapeutic benefits, as has been proven by research. Fantazzi Jacuzzi has been designed to offer you all the benefits of hydromassage like: * relief from aches and pains * helping proper blood circulation * relief from stress and insomnia. This is because Fantazzi Jacuzzi has specially designed hydrotherapy jets of water that do not hit the body full on, but always where you need them most.
100% SAFETY Fantazzi Jacuzzi operates on pneumatic controls, making it completely safe for your entire family .... including babies !

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