Architects:  Kaif and Bahar Faquih
Project:  FIRE AND ICE, Night Club


Fire And Ice : The Concept and Design

The triggering point of materializing any concept is the interpretation of that concept.  When Kaif and Bahaar were briefed by the client about the concept of "fire and ice" for the nightclub, there seemed to be a logical temptation to translate the idea to its literal representation.

However it seemed more intriguing and challenging to mould the concept into its abstract and subtle connotation.  Using "light" as the guiding factor the entire space has been to say carved by lighting elements and an integration of detailing in design and its illumination was always kept in mind while creating this design.

Using modern materials and technology - spaces such as the entrance passage and the silver light truss have been realized.

Allowing cooler elements to clash and interact with warmer ones under the effect of carefully planned lighting we intended to create a constant flow in the design.  Things are meant to merge and emerge into and from each other respectively and the contrast is meant to further consolidate the concept of "fire and ice" in the entire space.

It is the belief of the Architects, that design must not rest on the laurels of the past but must look into the future - armed by a vivid imagination and the innovations of modern technology. 

"Being fortunate enough to work with a young and dynamic set of clients for the "fire and ice"project has made it a memorable adventure for us"
            -- Architect Kaif and Bahaar Faquih

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