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Solo Spa

Solo Spa is created to provide hydrotherapy through a combination of heat, buoyancy and array of pressure jets. Warm water surrounding the body helps dialate blood vessels, increases blood flow to different tissues thereby, relaxing tense muscles and also releiving pressure on surrounding nerves. Massage improves circulation which accelerates the body's natural healing process. Intelligently designed jet system provides accupressure effect on the neck, the feet, the back and other regions of the body. With some adjustable jets the overall effect is to create right sensation from powerful and invigorating to gentle and soothing massage. Best of all, the entire system has been orchestrated to put you in a total state of relaxation. It is rightfully said that "a sound mind and a sound body is happiness." 
Solo Spa puts you in the state of happiness beyond imagination.

Solo SpaSupreme Solo Spa combines advanced engineering, durability and graceful design that provide ultimate in hydrotherapy. The massaging effect in the Spa is created by different type of jets which provide rotary and pulsating effect. Over and above the mixture of warm water and air gushing through the jets relaxes tight muscles and stimulates the overall healing process. Soaking the body in hot and swirling water leaves you a feeling of emotional tranquality.

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