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Steam Dream
From the moment you step inside your shower enclosure the feeling of warmth is all pervasive. The soothing, cleaning effects are unique pleasure to experience and recognised by modern medicine not only for its hygiene but for its health benefits too. With an operating temperature of between 45-50 degC, but with a humidity level of 80% the warm damp air can make breathing easier helping to alleviate many respiratory and sinus problems.

It also increases cardiac out put, relaxes tense muscles and soothes aches and pains whilst opening the pores of the skin, causing liberal perspiration, which in return removes dirt and bacteria.

And to really spoil yourself, you can add a few drops of essential oil to steam outlet, surrounding your body and senses with your chosen aroma.


Model No.   Sugg. room size      Reqd Power kW    Voltage AC Supply
SME 45             100 cft.                      4.5 kW                  230 Volts
SME 60             150 cft.                       6 kW                   230 / 400


Model No.   Sugg. room size      Reqd Power kW    Voltage AC Supply
SME 90             225 cft.                        9 kW                 400V/ 3 Phase
SME 120           300 cft.                      12 kW                        3 PH
SME 150           375 cft.                      15 kW                        AC -
SME 180           450 cft.                      18 kW                       SUPPLY

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