Bean ‘Blue Lake Bush’ Seed Packet


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Treated Blue Lake Bush Beans, also known as string beans or snap peas, are one of the most common and tasty garden vegetables grown in plots all over the globe. This is due to their quick germination and ability to mature; a green bean pod can be harvested as soon as just fifty days after being sown.You can simply pull the root from the ground when its time to pick them.
  • Days to maturity in 50- 70 days.
  • Season:Spring, Summer, Fall
  • Type: Annual
  • Planting tips:Sow seeds 1/2′ deep in rows, with 4″space between each plant and 18″ between rows.
  • Tips:Grows in the shape of a bush, and therefore does not need a pole or support. Some Gardeners recommend soaking the seed before planting, try at your own judgement.

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