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DC24V IP67 60W Waterproof LED Driver Power Supply Transformer~3304


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Feature of Waterproof DC24V IP67 60W LED Driver Power Supply Transformer:

  • With the functions of over voltage protection, short circuit protection and overload protection
  • Constant voltage output, to ensure the stability of the power supply
  • With the anti-interference function, to ensure the long-life LED lamps
  • Waterproof IP67 DC 24V, for outdoor use.

DC24V IP67 Universal Regulated Switching Power Supply LED Transformer Connection:

  • The LED driver will double the life of the LED Strip Lights and Light Bulbs. These LED drivers/transformers are suitable for all MR11, MR16 LED bulbs and also most LED strip lights and CCTV cameras and any other DC24V devices.

Technical information:

  • -Input Voltage: AC 110V/230V -Output Voltage: DC 24V constant Voltage -IP rating: IP 67


  • This DC24V IP67 LED Transformer / Driver is used to power low voltage (24V) LED bulbs, strip lighting, CCTV camera, 3D printers and many other devices that require DC24V constant voltage power supply.
  • LED bulbs require a constant voltage to work properly. Sometimes a normal 24V transformer will work correctly with LED bulbs, but in some cases, the lifespan of the bulb will be reduced.


  • CE & RoHS certification.


  • Safe for operating, with the fuse for protection, Automatic short circuit, overload, over voltage, protection, over temperature and inrush current protection

Please Noted:

  • This Power Supply Unit haven’t included installation instruction, wiring cable, on/off switch, or screws.

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